July 31, 2017

Weekend and food

One of the best things about weekend is that you have all the time to think of where to eat and then you can slowly enjoy the food.

While (almost) everyone in Kuching is busy talking about and visiting Kuching Food Festival,  we, on the other hand, try to avoid those crowded places. We make it a point to visit the Food festival once a year, not more than that, kalau tak pergi pun takpe, too many people, too much food, sampai tak tau nak pilih ape da..

Ok, back to my food adventure, here's what we had during the weekend..

Saturday, breakfast at iCom Square, 38 Kopitiam.

Sarawak Laksa - RM6

Kolok Mee, the way Eugene liked it
Dinner, BBQ at kampung.

Sunday, breakfast at Green Height, Double Happiness Cafe.
Mee Sua

Dinner at Vivacity, Sushi Zanmai.
Counting days to the next weekend.


Rose World said...

It is only Monday and you couldnt wait for weekend to come. Haha. I understand. I love weekend too. Can go out and eat. Try new places, new food.

I would avoid Kuching Fest for now. Too crowded.

So far I only been to icom square once. Ayam penyet fir lunch.

Sharon D said...

Omg..so sedap one the roti ..
I can't wait for weekends too because it's my non-cooking day..haha!