July 25, 2017

Blanket 2.0

Emmett outgrew of his blanket that I sew in 2012.

I've decided to make a new one for him.
Using a similar blue cotton fabric, I cut out the angry bird fabric from his old blanket and paste it onto the new blanket.

Emmett loves his new blanket, he called it blanket 2.0, however he said the new blanket is not as soft as his old one.  I said, it will get soft as time goes by 😁


Rose World said...

Good idea to sew a blanket and reuse the old fabric. Mummy so creative.

Sharon D said...

Haha..Emmett has a good sense of humour! You are so creative to recycle it, Ez.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose n Sharon, have to think of a way to maintain the 'smell', else he wont want to uae it.