July 18, 2017

Manila 2017 | Food on Day 6

My 6th day and my last day in Manila.
My traveling back to day which is also the 1st day of Raya.
The KLIA staffs were wearing baju raya on that day.

Morning I had breakfast at the hotel before heading to the NAIA Terminal 3 for my departure.  Lunch and dinner I had it on the plane.

Here goes..

Breakfast at The Marriott Cafe.
 Bagel, honey ham, pancake, pamelo salad, smoked salmon and mango.

Pulut, pineapple, dried apricot, nuts.

Lunch on MH807

while enjoying this view..

Dinner on MH2522

Home sweet home.


Rose World said...

Love the sky view. You sure took a lot of fruits. I also took many fruits when I were in Europe.

Sharon D said...

Wow...bagel, honey ham and smoked salmon. So loving these. The plane food looks not bad too.