April 16, 2009

Lunch Buffet at Hilton Pt.2

Hi friends, here's some important info:
The promotion price is RM39++, which means RM39.00 plus 15% tax (service tax and gov tax)
On top of that, LADIES will get another 50% OFF.
Great isn't it! Ladies, faster, few more days to go.
Pls give them a call 1st ok, who knows they might end the promotion sooner then the date stated, don't blame me for that ar ;)

Ok, come makan.
Let's start our meal with a plate of salad.
If one plate is not enough, just take another one, jangan malu². This time plus BBQ beef, sedap sangat, very tender and juicy too, with choice of sauce from BBQ sauce, black pepper or mushroom.
Laksa sarawak, hari² makan laksa, tp masih gak nak cuba laksa kat Hilton, not bad la.
In this plate, we have BBQ beef, baked potato, and lamb stew. Lamb ada liat sikit.
hah...BBQ beef again, as I said..very nice...
Here we have little bit of everything; ada vege, toasted bread, baked chicken breast and pasta.
This was actually for my son, but he didn't even want to touch it.
He only wants ice-cream and sweet.
So mummy have to finish it lo, jemput²!
Tomato rice, baked chicken breast and fried egg.

Dessert..manis² belaka, tangan si kecil dah tak sabar nak ambil chocolate, tapi dia tak nak white chocolate tu, dia cakap itu bukan chocolate, kesian my son, jakun juga dia ni..hihi
Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya, tapi dah tak larat nak makan..kenyang giler.
Nak balik tido je la.

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Ivy Metaga said...

wahhh..all the foods makes me so hungry now huhu..yum yum..i paling suka lamb..if lamb chop lagi suke hihi

Willie said...

Kalau aku...mesti gemuk

Ms Tikot's said...

Sedapnya makanan...

fonsusz said...

hari2 makan laksa, ney aci cam ya...

DrSam said...

melihat promosi hebat dan foto mengiurkan, rasa terpanggil pula :)

lvynana said...

Ivy : lamb chop mmg sodap, jgn yg liat jer.

Willie : tak dpt la makan slalu.

Tikot : a'a..sedap.

fonsus : awak pula hari2 boleh makan wantan mee, nak juga.

DrSam : dtg la ke Hilton, kch ;)

Hazel said...

oh, it looks delicious...make my mouth watering lah

mama belian n cengal said...

astaga..... nyams nyams