April 6, 2009

Kitchen wishlist

List of things that I need to make my current kitchen a better place.

Oven, now we only have a toaster oven, I need a bigger oven to bake some cookies and cakes, and also some roasted chicken. (got it, thou now I wish for a bigger one)
Microwaves, need this to warm up the frozen food, ketika kemalasan melanda. (done in 2009)

A new light to change the current kalimantang light. (done in 2011)

A new stove, the existing one not functioning well, api slow sangat. (done in 2010)
Kitchen cabinets, to repair the old one that we are using now, macam dah nak reput jer. (done in 2010, now there's another corner that needs TLC too.)

Hood, to have a modern handsome looking hood will be a dream come true. We have an old one, with no ventilation system. (done)

* last update Jan 2017


Ivy Metaga said...

wwaaahhhhh...nice nice..kalau semua ada mmg complete la kitchen tuh hehe..paling I suka microwaves..sebab kemalasan selalu melanda =p

Willie said...

I just broke my rice cooker. Uwaaaa

lvynana said...

ivy : yup, mmg complete, kalo ada tukang masak,chef. sekali lagi best.

Willie : arhh..how come?