May 28, 2015

Eugene's Mid Year Test BM Paper

Kisah sedih ujian pertengahan tahun Darjah 3 Eugene kali ini.

Kertas soalan BM pemahaman dia salah turutan, menyebabkan jawapan yang dihitamkan dalam kertas jawapan pun dah tak betul.

Dalam kertas soalan pun ada dia isi jawapan, cikgu ada semak dan cuma 4 yang salah.

Dalam kertas soalan, yang mengikut turutan salah tadi, cuma 5 yang tembak betul.

Sambil menangis dia cakap...
  • Cikgu tak nak tukar markah saya
  • Saya ingat soalan mula dari no. 18 sebab itu ialah mukasurat pertama pada kertas saya
  • Saya tak tau kertas orang macam mana, so, saya tak tau yang kertas saya salah
  • Saya tak berani nak tanya/cakap, sebab cikgu cakap tak boleh buat bising
  • Saya Nak Tukar Sekolah!
huhuhu.... hati ibu mana yang tak sedih..
Sepatutnya dapat A, dah jadi F.

May 25, 2015

Eugene talks about school

Conversation #1
Mummy: Do you like your school?
Eugene: It's ok. (Sounds like not so ok)
Mummy:  Why?
Eugene: The toilet.
Mummy: So, the only thing that you don't like about school is the toilet?
Eugene: Yeah, its smelly, dirty and the wall got lots of bad words written on it.
Mummy: hmmm

Conversation #2
Mummy: Who is your bestfriend in school?
Eugene:  I have 3.
Mummy: Let me guess, Dexter, Oliver and Anson.
Eugene: correct.
Mummy: What language you use to communicate with them?
Eugene: English.
Mummy: What did you guys talk about?
Eugene: Funny things.

Conversation #3 - On the last day of his test, Pendidikan Kesihatan paper.
Mummy:  So, how was your test?
Eugene: Ok.
Mummy: Any question about food? Metanol? Aseton?
Eugene: No.
Mummy: What then?
Eugene: Only question about Eugene Z.
*mmmm... Ok Mummy gets the point, I'll just shut up for now.*
Nak tangkap gambar pun payah

His is at 8 years and 9 months now, not easy to have small talk with him.  Not like his little brother, Emmet can talk about anything under the sun.  I guess kids get more 'quiet' when they get older.  Soon I'll be talking to the wall!

May 20, 2015

Mad Max (2015)

Rock la movie nie, suka sangat.

And suka sangat tengok Charlize Theron dalam tu.
Semua pelakon best-best.

Nak tengok lagi!

May 19, 2015

In my kitchen #34

Fried pomfret with ginger

Steam mince meat

Stew pork with salted veggie

Sawi bunga / choi sam

May 18, 2015

The Library, ST3

 Located across the street from tHe Spring, The Library stirs, mixes, and pours cocktails, beers, wines, and spirits for patrons out in the town. The interior is a modern twist on libraries, as the name suggests, using neon-lit book shelves with faux book spines. 

We were here for dinner last week, we went early to avoid the crowd and the party (if there's any)
Food was great but comes with a great price too.

Turkey ham and mushroom carbonara RM26.90

Chicken popcorn RM16.90

Grilled fish aglio RM26.90

The only problem here is that at most of the tables, there were smokers occupying them.  Thus making it not that child-friendly atmosphere.

*We were seating at the comfy sofa outside at that time, coz the chairs inside are the hair bar chairs, which are not suitable for my kids.*

It is with much regret to announce that The Library will cease its operations starring from 18th September 2017. Info from

May 17, 2015

English Grammar for Primary 3

Next week is the exam week for most of the schools in Malaysia.

So since it is exam week, I asked my son, Eugene to do some extra revision from this book that I bought from Popular bookstore.

Take a look at question No.7, what would your answer be?

Oh well, I would have answered B in the 1st place too.

Eugene gets too bored he add in option E for No.5 & 6.

May 15, 2015

In my kitchen #33

Stir fry beef with asparagus

Fried chicken and nuggets

Fish ball and meat ball soup

Premix chocolate cake

May 14, 2015

Pullman Hotel, Bangsar

I stayed at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar, during my trip to KL, last month.  Here's my room on the 11th floor.

View from my room
There's umbrella and yoga mat too

Comfy king size bed

Spacious area and large work desk

Huge bathroom area - tapi sinki saya block masa tu, tak buat komplen pun, malas, berus gigi dalam bathtub je la.

The lobby

The function room

Other notes:
  • Breakfast was great, lunch was ok, love the blackforest cake.
  • Lift is taking forever.

May 12, 2015

Bella Italia 2015

We had dinner here last week.  Food here is as great as always.

Carbonara - Eugene's favourite

Lamb shank - RM37 - Emmett loves the lamb

Tiramisu - RM9 - very rich

Panna cotta - RM7 - I prefer the one at Osome Wood Fired Pizza

See my previous post on Bella Italia 2014

May 11, 2015

Mummy's Day 2015

Got these gifts from Emmett..
Egg tarts, he make these together with his kindy teachers.

Cards and poem

Next year no more these cute gifts from my kids as both of them will be in primary  school by then.

May 9, 2015

Dose of vitamin

Last week, I was in KL for a short business trip.

Look what I bought to fill up my luggage...

Pomegranate and dried figs, yeay this figs can last me for another few months.

And of coz Gardenia bread n buns..

May 8, 2015

Engleham 31

This is a Thai Restaurant, located at Tabuan Road, Kuching.
At 1st when I saw the sign, i tot that it is a western food restaurant, but no, this is purely Thai.
We were there for lunch treat yesterday.  I had..
Pandan chicken - RM10 - not much pandan flavour

Sticky rice mango - RM10 - small portion but I cannot finish it coz it is too sweet
Drinks - coke and lemon grass ice.

Plain rice is at RM1.50 each.
The restaurant closed every Wednesday.

May 7, 2015

Kalau Emmett Kaya

Emmett's wishlist...
  1. House
  2. TV  (kalau dia boring, dia nak tengok tv)
  3. Beg
  4. Money-beg (Mummy assume this is a wallet. He said 'beg can put in many things including money, money-beg can only keep money, so he will get a beg 1st)
  5. Bank (He said 'when he has lots of money, we will need a bank to keep his money, so he needs to buy a bank')
Emmett is now at 5 years and 8 months, macam-macam imaginasi budak ni.

May 5, 2015

The Village, Sematan

The last time we came here was in 2009 , that time this place was called Holiday Chalet, Sematan.

The place is still very much the same except for the name and the rate, of coz  ;)
The swimming pool

From the entrance
The surrounding
This time we also stayed at the detach unit with 2 rooms inside, cost RM360 per night on weekend rate.

May 4, 2015

Xiang Xiang Seafood, Lundu

Cafe kecil ini terletak di tepi jalan tak jauh dari Pekan Lundu.

Boleh tahan juga makanan di sini..
Ikan merah masak sweet sour
Udang garam
Midin belacan

Harga - RM58 termasuk nasi goreng, 2 nasi putih dan 3 air tin.

May 2, 2015

In my garden: Pineapple #3

This is the 3rd pineapple, organically grown on my very own backyard.

On 2nd Febuary 2015..

11 weeks later...

Sweet like sugar, said my sister.