May 9, 2014

Osome Wood Fired Pizza, Kuching

Osome Wood Fired Pizza, 4th Mile, Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, Kuching.
 Nice and cosy inside, but I think the high chair is not that child friendly.
 Curry puff?! 
This is Calzone, some people called it giant dumpling or pillow or taste like lasagne... A Calzone is an Italian filled oven bread, originating in Naples.
Nice but the skin is too thick.

 We ordered the signature pizza, I don't like the chicken, a bit dry to my liking, next time will order something else.

Panna cotta - I love this.
The portion is too small, I need to learn making this my own.


Rose said...

A new eating place? Never heard of it before. Doesnt sound like good experience for you there.

Sharon D said...

It looks very cozy though. I'm liking the ambiance :)

Ez Vina said...

Rose: not a place at all, it open aboit 2 months ago, always fullhouse, better to make an earlier booking.

Sharon: yes, cosy, I like it too, just that the hi chair is a bit of a problem for kids.