May 30, 2014

Aning Restaurant, Ao Nang

Pork Fried rice - 85bht

Salmon tamarind - 350bht - yums

Mango Sticky rice - 100bht
 Yummy rice but the mango is a bit too sour.  Portion is small.

Pineapple juice - 80bht

Not in the pics:
Coke - 60bht
Plain rice - 30bht

Food here is cheaper than Tanta's Restaurant, but the drinks is more expensive.
Taste wise, both are great.

There is a live solo performancd here too, we thought that was the CD playing, when we want to leave then only we noticed a guy singing at the other corner, thats how good he performed.


Sharon D said...

Salmon tamarind looks really yummy! ^.^

Ez Vina said...

Yup, its so yummy, 1st time I try Salmon cooked with tamarind.