May 27, 2014

McDonald, Ao Nang

After walking along the street of Ao Nang, we decided to have a drink and some snacks at the McDonald.

We ordered a set of 6-piece nuggets, that meal cost 199bht.
What? RM20 for a meal that cost less than RM10 in Kuching's McDonald?

ohh well, we were just too tired to find and try out other places, the kids are cranky and thirsty too.
Eugene yang berpeluh-peluh.

This was our 1st and last meal at McDonald Ao Nang.


Rose said...

Krabi a nice tourist place???

Ez Vina said...

Very nice la Rose, I love it, AoNang is more to tourist place, but krabi town is a small almost similar to Serian.