May 29, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

I'm going to declare that X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best movie so far in 2014, and this is also the best X-Men movie in it sequel.

The movie starts with lots of humor in the beginning, people are laughing out loud in the cinema.  And its getting more intense toward the end.

The story line is nicely built, the scripts are well written. I'm loving it.

Plus my favorite actresses are in there too.. namely:

Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Game as Raven / Mystique 
Ellen Page from Inception (2010) as Kitty Pryde

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Rose said...

I wanna watch this!!!. I like Jennifer Lawrence too. Her sweet innocent look. Hehe.

Ez Vina said...

Rose: must watch, school holiday ma, can go enjoy a bit ;)

Sharon D said...

I'm catching it this weekend! Glad to hear it's awesome ;)

Coffee Girl said...

I totally agree! The best X-Men movie so far.

Altho I must say I like Divergent too and Maleficent and Spiderman 2, so i cannot say X-Men is the best movie of the year. yet. :)

Ez Vina said...

Enjoy the movie Sharon.

Ez Vina said...

Best kan Coffee Gal.

Yup maybe I over-rate that best movie of 2014 part, but I am sure title will go to Transformers in a few weeks from now ;)