May 5, 2014

Borneo Jazz 2014

Bagi yang berada di Miri hujung minggu ni, jum la beramai-ramai kita ke Borneo Jazz Festival 2014.

Make sure beli tickets awal tau, kalau beli from the festival gate dah mahal dah.

 PRE SALE (April till 8th May)
 DOOR SALE (9th – 10th May)
Adult (1Day Pass)

Ha.. tengok tu, beza 20 hinggit kau...

Ok, see you all there!
More info at


Sharon D said...

Arghh..I've always wanted to go for this. I attended Penang Jazz Fest once. It was so much fun! ^.^

Are you going? Enjoy your day!

Ez Vina said...

Yes, I'm going. Am starting to love wind musical instruments.