May 2, 2014

Amazing Spiderman 2 (2014)

We went to watch Amazing Spider-man 2 in GSC, CityOne on Labour Day.

To avoid crowd, we decided to catch the earliest show at 11.45am.  However the queue at the popcorn counters are already so long.  Luckily we managed to grasp our popcorn in-time before the show begins.

I think the movie has too much kissing scene which is not very suitable for kids, my same comments for Spiderman (2012).
  It is a 2 hours 22 min show.  Emmett fall asleep towards the end of the it.

I still prefer the Spiderman with and , plus I'm getting confuse at what point in life did Peter fall in love with Gwen? Where is MJ?
Need to get my Spidey history straighten up.
My 2 little spidey

Make sure you stay at your seat till the very end of the closing song to catch a glimpse of the coming X-men movie.

ohh.. We bought this limited edition Spiderman umbrella too.


Sharon D said...

OhhHhHh..I am jealous! You've watched it already! I'll be making my way to the cinema only next week..hopefully, the crowd is less by then ^.^

I love the umbrella. It's lovely.

Ez Vina said...

Its a dual color umbrella, it changes color when it is wet. Nice le.

Sharon D said...

Steadyy..what a unique umbrella!