November 30, 2015

Cuppa-Kap Coffee Cafe

Cuppa-Kap Coffee Cafe, Jalan Song, Kuching.

Our 1st time here, we had ..
Mini Macarons - Rm3 each
Macaron ice-cream RM8.90
Budak nakal yang seronok makan ice-cream.
Apple soda -RM6.90
Mocha ice blended -RM9.90.  I requested for a less sugar, but this is just too bitter.
Not up to my expectation.

November 26, 2015

A day out at Damai Beach

We brought the kids to Damai Beach last Saturday.  They had so much fun.  Let see what's our activities on that day..
Main pasir
Beach soccer
Had some cotton candy

Sand art card and Bouncy castle

We had splashing time at the pool too.  No photos taken, all were too occupied.

On the way back, we stopped by at Kampung Buntal wet market and bought some squids, crabs and lala clams there.

November 24, 2015

Emmett's K2 year end test

Mathematics - 100%
English - 97%
Bahasa Malaysia - 83%
Chinese - 68%

His Progress Report:

Emmett has sound Math reasoning and talent for problem solving.  He works independently and his performance on money and time were very strong.  He has made good progress in writing this term.

November 20, 2015

Eugene in Primary 3

2015 school year has come to an end.  This year, Eugene breaks 2 of his own personal record.
1 - best personal result for the 1st half year exam
2 - worst personal result for the year end exam

A conversation with him earlier this week:
Mummy: Eugene, do you know who got the 1st place in your class?
Eugene: No, I don't know.
Mummy: How come you dunno?
Eugene: mmm... I don't care.
Mummy: What do you care about then?
Eugene: About my life.
Mummy:  What about your life, what kind of life do you have?
Eugene: A happy life.

November 17, 2015

6th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards @ BCCK

Photo booth and the entrance to the gala dinner.

The Food..

Appetizers - Fusion Umai of Norwegian Salmon & Chilled Garlic Ambal in Vietnamese Rice Pepper Roll with Local Herbs Salad and Tabaloi Spear on Banana Leaf.
The Umai is nyumss; the Ambal is euww.

Soup - Quail Consomme served with quail meat ball
Too salty

Main Course - Pan Spear Roasted Coconut Crusted Siakap Fish Fillet served with Spicy Lemongrass Creme Sauce.  Oven Baked Stuffed "Ayam Kampung" with Cassava Root Mousse Ratatouille of Dayak Eggplants, Stir fried Mani Chai and Pilaf or Red Bario Red served with Sarawak Black Pepper Jus.

Dessert - Sweet Red Potato Mousse and Green Tea Tiramisu infused with Sarawak Green Pepper Compote.
Please, just give me a classic tiramisu.


The Performers..

Noh Salleh (Hujan) - Sedap nyer suara dia

Dayang Nurfaizah - Power house as usual

November 15, 2015

Better home #1 | Stationery

I must admit, I am not very good in cleaning the house.  We do have a helper that come to clean our home every fortnightly.  But within 1-2 days, it becomes all messy again.

So, I am taking a baby steps in organising and cleaning hoping to make a better home for us; and I am going to blog about it.

For this 1st episode, I am organising the kids stationery.  Most of the time when they said they cannot find their pencil or color pencil or pen or eraser.  We will just get a new one for them.  Coz looking for it in the house is so time

For now I am organising the pen, color pencil, pencil and others into a separate compartment.

Pencil and color pencil

Pen and other stationery.

The rest I just dump it into a shoebox.

November 11, 2015

Emmett's Sketches #8 | Ship

A fisherman on a ship. He caught a huge fish.

Emmett's sketches..

Mum's color filling..

November 9, 2015

Dynasty Hotel, Miri

My room on the 8th floor of the hotel.
Good size room with great view, but I forgot to capture the view.. sigh..

And I had a yummylicious Kolok Mee Special (RM5.00) at the nearby kopitiam, behind Methodist Church, just a few steps away from the hotel.
Overall, I am happy with my 1st stay there.

November 2, 2015

Sakae Sushi, awesome RM8

Dalam bulan lepas jer, saya telah mengunjungi Sakae sebanyak 5 kali in total.
All because of their Awesome RM8 promotion, what can I say, I am a 'sucker' when it comes to promotion and discount.  Bisa naik meroyan gitu..

You can check out my 1st visit here.
2nd Visit - The Spring
Smoked Kamo Maki (duck), Chirashi Mini Don, Hotate Nanban Yaki (scallop), Miso soup.

3rd Visit - Merdeka Plaza
Hotate nanban yaki, spider roll, sakae salad

4th Visit - Merdeka Plaza

5th Visit - The Spring
Have I had enough of sushi? I don't think so.
Make me wanna have an awesome Sushi buffet some more.