November 15, 2015

Better home #1 | Stationery

I must admit, I am not very good in cleaning the house.  We do have a helper that come to clean our home every fortnightly.  But within 1-2 days, it becomes all messy again.

So, I am taking a baby steps in organising and cleaning hoping to make a better home for us; and I am going to blog about it.

For this 1st episode, I am organising the kids stationery.  Most of the time when they said they cannot find their pencil or color pencil or pen or eraser.  We will just get a new one for them.  Coz looking for it in the house is so time

For now I am organising the pen, color pencil, pencil and others into a separate compartment.

Pencil and color pencil

Pen and other stationery.

The rest I just dump it into a shoebox.


Rose said...

Very good tip. Yes. For kids, they keep losing their stationery.

I also not good at cleaning and some more with young kids, my house never in tip top condition. Haha. No helper for me although I wish to get a weekly cleaner come to clean up. Maybe in future.

Sharon D said...

I started spring cleaning the home a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the festive year end and New Year season. Bit by bit so that I won't be too tired!