April 30, 2013


Sekarang memang tengah demam gwiyomi, tapi dalam banyak2 gwiyomi Malaysia, saya paling minat versi Nora Danish, siap ada assistant lagi 2 orang kat belakang tu.. chomel..

April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3

We managed to buy the tickets for Friday night at 7.50pm show.

Thanks to GSC online ticketing system, now we don't have to queue and try our luck anymore.

And the best thing is - THX is finally in Kuching! hooray..

April 23, 2013

Laksa @ Choon Hui Cafe

Laksa Sarawak, Choon Hui Cafe, Kuching.
This place is very famous for its Laksa Sarawak.

Laksa Sarawak at RM5

Even Anthony Bourdain from tv show "No reservations" was here for the laksa.

Other than laksa, the wet popia here is also very nice.

Popia at RM2.50

Kolo mee is here too; the old style roti bakar and half-boiled eggs are equally good too.

This old kopitiam is located right in-front of Grand Continental Kuching.  So next time if you plan to stay in Grand Continental, do book for room without breakfast; in the morning you can just walk over to this kopitiam and have a great morning breakfast the Kuchingnites way.

April 22, 2013


Eugene:"Mummy, kenapa kita selalu pasang aircon sekarang?"
Mummy:"Sebab cuaca sangat panas."

Sekarang ni, almost everynight kena pasang aircon. Kalau tak memang tak dapat nak tido dengan lena. Ni baru bulan April, tak tau la macammana nanti masa musim panas dan jerebu dalam bulan August-Sept.


Gone where those days (months) where we don't have to pay a single cent for our electricity bill.

April 20, 2013

Macaron & Red velvet @ Whisk

Macaron & red velvet cake yang sedap at Whiskv Espresso Bar, Empire shopping gallery.

Red velvet nyer.. Moist, tapi aicing a bit too sweet, tak banyak rasa cheese. I prefer yang lebih creamy and cheesy.

Macaron - RM2.20 each, 10 for RM20
Nice, sweet as usual, but the best I tasted so far.

Ok, this was my last piece yang di-tapao balik ke Kuching.

I like this green one the best, perasa pistachio kot.

Btw, Pullman Kuching's maracon also not bad.

April 17, 2013

Emmett @ 3y8m & Eugene @ 6y7m

Emmett @ 3 year 8 months :
  • No more night feeding.
  • Prefer to stay at home especially at night, so less supper at the stalls for us.
  • Hate it when people cut his hair,  only Mummy is allowed to do so. Thus, everyday is a bad hair day for him..:D
Eugene @ 6 years 7months :
  • Drop his 1st upper front teeth during our KL trip (painlessly)
  • Lost his 2nd upper front teeth at a fall while my sister fetching him from school at same week (painfully) 
Both of them like:
  • Ultraman

April 16, 2013

Pavlova at Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

Ok, it's official, Pavlova at Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery is so much delicious as compared to Ben's Pavlova.
(Bear in mind that this is just my personal opinion; no string attached wat-so-ever)

Genarally, the Pavlova here at Serat is less sweet and melt in your (my) mouth.

This Berry Pavlova cost RM14.80 per slice.

I even tapao back to Kuching, this is how it holding up..
still yummy.

Where can I find a tasty Pavlova in Kuching? huwaaa..

April 15, 2013

Beli duit

Emmett:"Mummy, Emmett nak beli PSP."
Emmett:"Mummy, Emmett nak beli mainan Ninja."
Emmett:"Mummy, Emmett nak beli etc, etc, etc.."
Mummy:"ya la, ya la, nanti Mummy ada duit, Mummy belikan."
Emmett:"oklah, nanti kita pergi beli duit, ok?"

April 14, 2013

Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

For me, shopping complex ni ada persamaan dengan The Garden, Midvalley. Banyak kedai kelas2 dan orang tak sesak sangat.. I loike.

Kat Empire ni takda la butik LV, tapi Tang's store ada.

Another great thing about Empire is that there's lots of restaurant and cafe especially at the lower ground floor. Ada Chili's, Kenny Rogers, Nyonya Colors, The Loaf, Serai, Whisk, 1901, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, sushi, italian, dim sum...dan banyak lagi.

At the tops floor, lots of kids facilities like gym, coloring/baking/dance classes for children.

And, you can just walk a few steps across the road to Subang Parade. So literally you get 2 shopping malls in one visit.

The Empire Hotel is also a great choice with spacious room; only that the lift is a bit too slow most of the time.

My Spending - KL Trip April 2013

Day 1
Taxi from klia - cititel, midvalley - rm74.30
Tony Roma - rm71.55
Jaya Jusco - rm131.50+rm183+rm69.90
MPH, Midvalley - rm37.50
Durian crepe - rm4.50 x 2
Komugi - rm3.90
Mata kucing drink - rm2
Ben's, KLCC - RM50.70
Midvalley <-> KLCC - rm1 + rm1.60 one way

Day 2
Jaya Jusco - rm45.40+RM3+RM49
Nasi lemak @ nyonya colors - rm3.10
Durian crepe - rm4.50
Taxi Cititel -> empire hotel - rm18
Whisk Espresso Bar
Chilis - Rm47.45
Taxi Empire hotel ->Sunway Pyramid
Jaya Jusco - rm49
Kindori, Japanase ice-cream - rm18
KK food centre - rm17
Taxi Sunway Pyramid -> Empire hotel - rm9
*Jaya Grocer

Day 3
Sushi - Rm10
Uncle Lim's cafe - RM23.45
MPH, Subang Parade - RM44.90
Serai - RM43.85
*Jaya Grocer

Day 4

The Loaf - RM15.26
Nasi Lemak, Nyonya Colors - rm2.95
Charles & Keith - rm169.90
*Jaya Grocer
Kids coloring - rm22
Serai - RM50.10
McDonald, KLIA

*Daily products like drinks, strawberries, chocolates, buns and junk food.

Cititel Midvalley - RM223.88
Empire Hotel Subang - rm660


April 11, 2013

Empire Hotel Subang

Hotel ni terletak di dalam (atas) Empire Shopping Gallery Shopping, Subang. Just a few steps away from Subang Parade.

Bilik kami di tingkat 5; besar (besar for my standard); terbahagi kepada 3 ruang.

Masuk2 pintu je akan jumpa ruang bekerja, 2nd baru washroom, then bedroom - king size bed.

Generally amat memuaskan, tapi paling tak suka bab pintu washroom dia tak berkunci, tak suka, tak privacy langsung.
The Lobby at 2nd Floor
The work area
The wash area
The sleep area

April 9, 2013

Wishlist - KL Trip April 2013

Red velvet and Macarons at Whisk - checked
Berry Pavlova at Serai -checked x 3 times
Pavlova at Ben's - checked
Wantan mee - checked
Durian crepe - checked
Nasi Lemak Nyonya Colors - checked x 2 times
Grill at Chili's and Tony Roma - checked

Isetan - The Gardens - checked
Jaya Jusco - Midvalley & Sunway Pyramid - checked

Must buy:
Brown heels !! - mission not accomplished

April 7, 2013

Ben's @ KLCC

We went there on Saturday afternoon at about 6pm.

Sampai2 je kita terus tanya 'ada pavlova tak?'
Waiter tu jawap 'takde, dah habis, normally dalam pukul 1pm dah habis.'

Dengan pasrah nyer kami masuk je la, dah malas nak cari tempat lain.

On the way to tempat duduk, tiba-tiba si waiter yang tadi tu bagitau tau yang dia maybe he can spare 1 pavlova for us. Wah gembira nyer bukan kepalang. Tak rugi la datang jauh-jauh just nak merasa pavlova sini kan.

Ini lah pavlova yang selalu didengari sebelum ini. Manis, tak dapat nak makan banyak, makan share-share baru dapat habis.
Berry Pavlova - RM13.90

Carbonara - RM23.90

Pasni nak cuba pavlova @ Serai plak.

April 2, 2013

Oh My iPhone!

Oh My iPhone, why you give such a headache.

My 1st iPhone was iPhone-3GS, after approximately 3 years working loyally for me, he finally sent in a resign letter saying that he was to tired to go 3G online anymore.  I was given the options of wifi-ng or just edge-ing.  

I decided to transfer him to another division - called Eugene's Unit.

From there, I hired another iPhone-4.  Lately he has been giving out signals of resigning as well.  Once in awhile he will flash out the uninvited white sparkling flash light, just to annoyed me.  As if that's not irrating enough, he even starts shaking his screen on me too.  I figure that it is his way of saying goodbye.

I'm in the middle of a crisis now, do I hire from the same company (actually iPhone-5 has submitted his resume earlier this week), or do I get from other party which I had bump into but never fall-in-love-with a few times before... sigh..

Yes, I know I have not been given you the  TLC that you need, you had gone through alot, maybe it's time you take a rest.

*Had the replacement for my iPhone 4's screen and the button, cost me RM300.