April 14, 2013

Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

For me, shopping complex ni ada persamaan dengan The Garden, Midvalley. Banyak kedai kelas2 dan orang tak sesak sangat.. I loike.

Kat Empire ni takda la butik LV, tapi Tang's store ada.

Another great thing about Empire is that there's lots of restaurant and cafe especially at the lower ground floor. Ada Chili's, Kenny Rogers, Nyonya Colors, The Loaf, Serai, Whisk, 1901, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, sushi, italian, dim sum...dan banyak lagi.

At the tops floor, lots of kids facilities like gym, coloring/baking/dance classes for children.

And, you can just walk a few steps across the road to Subang Parade. So literally you get 2 shopping malls in one visit.

The Empire Hotel is also a great choice with spacious room; only that the lift is a bit too slow most of the time.

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