April 2, 2013

Oh My iPhone!

Oh My iPhone, why you give such a headache.

My 1st iPhone was iPhone-3GS, after approximately 3 years working loyally for me, he finally sent in a resign letter saying that he was to tired to go 3G online anymore.  I was given the options of wifi-ng or just edge-ing.  

I decided to transfer him to another division - called Eugene's Unit.

From there, I hired another iPhone-4.  Lately he has been giving out signals of resigning as well.  Once in awhile he will flash out the uninvited white sparkling flash light, just to annoyed me.  As if that's not irrating enough, he even starts shaking his screen on me too.  I figure that it is his way of saying goodbye.

I'm in the middle of a crisis now, do I hire from the same company (actually iPhone-5 has submitted his resume earlier this week), or do I get from other party which I had bump into but never fall-in-love-with a few times before... sigh..

Yes, I know I have not been given you the  TLC that you need, you had gone through alot, maybe it's time you take a rest.

*Had the replacement for my iPhone 4's screen and the button, cost me RM300.


willie a.k.a reptoz said...

I phone lover are you? banyak duit too...fuyooo...

Ez vina said...

Ya jak ku ada, barang lain sikda.. Huhu.