March 31, 2011

Electricity Bill (Sesco)

Untuk kali kedua selepas program ini diumumkan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia,
kami berjaya menerima bill seperti ini...

Hehe...gembira nya tak perlu bayar bil lektrik bulan ni.

Kali pertama kami dapat bil seperti ini ialah dalam tahun lepas, kebetulan bulan March juga, kat Kuching ni sepanjang Jan and Feb cuaca memang best, aircon pun jarang-jarang jer on.

Ni pun kira sumbangan sempena Earth Hour gak ni, walaupun kami tak tutup lampu pun masa Earth Hour.
Tapi saya heran la, jiran kami masa Earth Hour memang lampu semua tutup, tingkap pun tutup semua gak, tapi aircon on. (masa tu tengah hujan renyai-renyai kat kawasan kami)
Bukan ke aircon lagi banyak menggunakan tenaga banding dengan lampu, kenapa tak off kan aircon, off kan computer, off kan tv masa Earth Hour daripada off lampu yang tak seberapa watt tu? (guna la energy saver light ye kawan-kawan)
Apapun saya memang tak suka gelap (penakut kan), but I try to save the energy in my own ways and on my own sweet time :)

March 28, 2011

Rock Road Seafood 2011

Rock Road Seafood Sdn Bhd
No. 101/102 2nd Mile Rock Road, Kuching
Tel: 082-241575/427331

Carrot milk - RM4

Steamed fish - RM28

Crabs - RM32

Buns RM1.75 per serving x 2
Sedap dimakan bersama kuah ketam di atas.

Seafood fried rice - RM7

Fresh seafood

and fresh veggie + fruits

March 22, 2011

7 classes of plastics

#1 (PET or PETE) plastic is the kind used for bottled water bottles, which are generally regarded as safe. They have been shown to leach antimony into the water in a couple of studies, but at levels considered safe by the EPA. The scare about their leaching DEHA if reused, which you may have come across, turns out to be an urban legend. If there is any risk from reuse, it probably comes from bacterial contamination. (The bottles' narrow necks make them hard to clean.)

#2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE) and 5 (polypropylene) plastics are generally regarded as safe.

#3 (PVC) and 6 (styrene) plastics pose health risks and should be avoided. (They are not ordinarily used for water bottles, but are used for other food and beverage containers.)

#7 plastic is usually polycarbonate and contains BPA. If you are in love with a particular #7 bottle, you could call the manufacturer to identify the plastic, but that might not make matters clearer. The "better safe than sorry" approach would be to avoid #7 altogether in my opinion.


March 21, 2011

Boy electrocuted at playground

SHAH ALAM: An 11-year-old boy was electrocuted to death when he touched a lamppost at a playground in Taman Batu Tiga here on Saturday.

SK Seksyen 20 student Muhammad Naqiuddin Mohd Marzuki was running home after playing football on a wet field with several friends when he slipped and fell at 6.50pm.

As he was falling, one of his legs touched the lamppost and he was believed to have been electrocuted.

Naqiuddin's father, Mohd Marzuki Muda, 44, said he was resting at home when five of his son's friends came and informed him about the incident.

"I rushed there to see what had happened and saw my son lying face down. One of his legs looked like it was glued to the lamppost. He was not moving.

"I took a dry stick and moved his body away from the lamppost before sending him to a private hospital nearby. He was still alive then."

Marzuki said upon arrival at the hospital, doctors found no vital signs and tried to revive Naqiuddin using cardiopulmonary resuscitation for about an hour, but failed.

"The doctors told me that my eldest son's heart could have been affected by the electric shock."

The father of three said he was upset and confused over how the lamppost could conduct electricity when it supposed to be a safe facility for the public.

Marzuki said he would lodge a complaint with the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) over the incident.

Naqiuddin's friend, Mohd Salman Shahmi, 11, said the victim left the game in a hurry.

"He was running towards his home. One of us told him not to as the field was slippery. All of a sudden, he slipped and fell.

"We heard him screaming in pain for a while before he fell silent."

Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar said police were investigating to determine the cause of the electrocution.

"At the moment, investigations are (also) being carried out by relevant authorities like Tenaga Nasional Bhd to find out the source of electricity.

"The victim's body was sent to University Malaya Medical Centre and a post-mortem confirmed that he had died of electrocution."

MPSJ council member Keshminder Singh said initial investigations revealed that the lamppost's electrical wires were intact.

"Our engineers found that there was nothing wrong with the lamppost.

"One of the possible causes may be a leakage in the underground cable.

"However, we are still investigating. MPSJ is getting to the bottom of this matter. We have cordoned off the area pending thorough checks."

Read more: Boy electrocuted at playground

Eugene @ 4y6m

Fav flavor/colour:

  • Strawberry
  • Grape

Fav TV series:

  • Ben 10
  • Ultraman
  • Conan

Fav Movie:

  • Transformers

Fav breakfast:

  • Mee kolok
  • Porridge
  • Toasted bread
  • Boiled egg

Fav dinner:

  • Crispy tomato mee
  • Rice + soup
  • Fried egg / telur dadar

Fav drinks:

  • Bandung (he call it strawberry drink)
  • Chrysanthemum tea

Fav pet:

  • Fish

Fav fruits:

  • Banana
  • Apple

March 18, 2011

BPA free bottle

BPA baby bottles banned

PUTRAJAYA: The government has decided to ban the polycarbonate feeding bottle containing the organic compound Bisphenol A or BPA from March 1 next year, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said today.

He said the cabinet decided at its meeting on March 2 to adopt the precautionary measure because there was no sound scientific proof that the feeding bottle was safe for use by infants and children.

"The ministry will not compromise on the safety of consumers, more so infants and children," he told reporters after chairing a post-cabinet meeting, here.

Liow said it had been learnt that BPA could cause disruption to the hormonal system and consequently interrupt bodily functions, but added that so far no evaluation had been done on the hormonal system in infants.

He also said that the government was giving the industry a one-year period to wind down the manufacture of the BPA-containing polycarbonate feeding bottles. - BERNAMA

Read more: BPA baby bottles banned

How to identify and use feeding bottles

The Health Ministry is distributing pamphlets on how to identify polycarbonate baby-feeding bottles containing Bisphenol A (BPA) and guides on how to use BPA-free polycarbonate bottles. Listed below are some of the ways to identify polycarbonate baby feeding bottles

- A polycarbonate feeding bottle is hard and transparent.

- It can be identified through the plastic classification codes found on the bottom of the bottle as follows:

a. Number 7
b. Number 7 and PC

c. Number 7 and others

- BPA-free bottles are usually labelled as "BPA-free".

Listed below is the guide on BPA bottle usage:
  1. Sterilise the bottle following the instructions on the label or those provided by the manufacturer. If none, the bottle should be submerged in boiling water for five to 10 minutes.
  2. Avoid pouring hot water directly into the bottle when preparing milk.
  3. Use appropriate cleaning utensils, such as a soft sponge and brush, to avoid scratching the surface of the bottle.
  4. Check the inner surface of the bottle regularly. Replace if scratches are found or the feeding bottle is spoilt. Feeding bottles, even those without scratches, should be changed every six months.
  5. There are several alternative baby feeding bottles in the market made from polypropylene, polyethersulfone, polyyamides as well as glass.
  6. For more information, please contact the Health Ministry at 03 8883 3652/ 3653/ 3655 or visit or

Read: 7 classes of plastics.

March 17, 2011


Mummy : "Watki teacher ajar dek sekolah?" (Macam mana teacher ajar kat sekolah?)
Eugene: "Teacher cakap-cakap and tulis-tulis picabot"
Mummy: "huh? How come got picabot in your class?"
Eugene: "Ada, teacher tulis kat picabot la."
Mummy: "ooo...whiteboard tu, bukan picabot"

*camne la boleh confuse whiteboard dengan picabot ni*

March 16, 2011

Emmett @ 1y7m

New words that he learned this month:
  1. Shake hand
  2. kak (bukak) for open
  3. pit (tersepit) for squeezed
  4. ngin for give me
  5. agik for more
  6. aten for Ultraman or Ben 10
Throughout the month:
At 1y6m1w:
5-in-1 vaccination, Hib (3rd dose) + triple antigen & polio (1st booster),
vaccine alone cost RM68.
Berat dia masa injection 11kg

At 1y6m2w:
flu + fever + vomit + diarrhea

Day 1
midnight - 1st vomiting
8am - 2nd vomiting
12pm - 3rd vomiting, lepas itu, apa yang masuk, beberapa minit kemudian terus akan muntah keluar
6.20pm - went to Klinik Liew, Dr. Liew nasihat bagi susu dalam 5ml or 1 sudu sahaja
6.45pm - masuk kereta jer terus bagi dia makan ubat muntah (2.5ml), then bagi dia minum susu dalam 10ml, habis minum je terus muntah lagi. Lepas muntah dia minum sikit air sirap merah.
7.10pm - sampai rumah, Emmett dah tidur
7.45pm - bagi ubat tahan muntah lagi (2ml), kami dah confuse nak bagi susu 5ml tu untuk interval berapa lama? Daddy call Normah, doctor advice, 5ml for every 20 minutes. Mencabar betul malam tu nak monitor milk intake dia, Thank God muntah pun dah kurang.

Day 2
-nampak macam dah anak sihat
-petang siap pergi jalan-jalan rumah cousin Ning Nong
-mlm start demam + cirit
12am-1am nangis je

Day 3
Mummy and Daddy ambik EL
8.30am - hantar Eugene ke sekolah
9am - pergi ke Klinik Liew lagi, doctor ubat cirit serbuk and advice tukar susu
10am - pegi Everrise beli susu soya lactose free
10.10am - sampai kat rumah terus bancuh susu soya lactose free, tapi Emmett nangis tak nak,
10.20am - daddy pegi Boulevard beli susu lactose free
11am - 1pm - Emmett nangis sebab tak nak susu lactose free
1.10pm - dia minum gak sikit dan tertidur
4pm - pegi ambil Eugene kat nursery, then jalan-jalan kat taman MJC, then beli tapao McDonald for dinner
7pm - Eugene complain pening kepala
9pm - Eugene dah start muntah-muntah

Day 4
7am - hantar Eugene n Emmett ke rumah babysitter
9.50am - call babysitter, anak-anak tengah tidur
10am - Daddy datang hantar ubat Eugene yang baru diambil dari Klinik B. Teo
6pm - ambik Eugene n Emmett dari rumah babysitter, both masih diarrhea, Eugene muntah 2 kali masa minum air milo, Emmett muntah sekali, both dapat makan bubur. Both dah makan ubat
6.30pm - Eugene nak ke toilet, stool dia nampak ok, cuma ada cair sikit
7pm - suhu badan Eugene naik ke 39 celcius, bagi ubat cecair high fever, lap dahi and belakang dia.

Day 5
1.30am - bagi 2nd dose ubat cecair high fever kat Eugene
4.30am - anak-anak dah tak dapat tidur, bawa mereka bangun tengok cartoon, Emmett masih diarrhea
7.30am - hantar anak-anak ke rumah babysitter

Day 6
Emmett ke rumah babysitter
Eugene ke nursery
5.30pm - ambik Eugene dari nursery, cikgu dia bagitau yang dia muntah masa dalam kelas, and cirit 2 kali

Day 7
7am - Hantar both anak-anak ke rumah babysitter je, mummy and daddy carpool, sempat pergi breakfast laksa at Choon Hui Cafe.
6pm - ambik anak-anak, babysitter bagitau Emmett berak 2 kali, 1 kali masa pagi and sekali lagi petang, yang pagi agak cair, petang dah normal. Eugene berak 1 kali je. Dah stop medication gak.
6.30pm - dinner at Kenny Rogers Roaster Boulevard.
7.30pm - ke rumah Edwin & Diana tengok baby Ethan.
8.30pm - balik rumah, mandi and tidur, anak-anak tidur agak nyenyak.

Day 8
Segar jer bangun pagi tu sebab semua dapat tidur dengan lena selepas berperang selama 1 minggu. Berat Emmett selepas cirit + muntah ialah 10.8kg, lost 0.2kg.
Berat Eugene tak timbang lagi, tapi memang nampak semakin susut.
4pm - balik kampung.

March 11, 2011

Unknown (2011)

At the beginning of the movie..
Me : "He didn't even bother to tell his wife that he is going back to the airport to get his briefcase, don't you ever do that to me."
Hubby : "Only Liam can do that, I'm not."

At the end of the movie..
Hubby : "No wonder la he didn't bother to inform her"
Me : "She's not even her wife..haha"

March 10, 2011

In my kitchen #3

SalmonMix vege
Mix vege + sausages for Eugene n Emmett
French bean + carrot + black fungus and sausages for Eugene n Emmett

fried drumette + sausage
Cangkok manis
Meat bone soup
Meat + leek + ginger

March 1, 2011

Honda Insight

All-new Honda Insight Hybrid 1.3

Size nya ada kecil sikit banding dengan Prius,
tapi lebih aerodynamic and lebih sporty look.

Keseluruhannya sangat memuaskan, cuma seat belakang ada rendah sikit, kena berhati-hati ketika masuk kereta, nanti terhantuk kepala pulak.

Kalau booking within 2 days after the launching boleh dapat discount RM500,
tak best la nak booking tanpa test drive dulu kan..

Yang Japan version ada touch screen, tak tau la kenapa kat sini takda, maybe kena tunggu special edition kot.

Customer price for East Malaysia:
Selling price = RM96,623.30
Road tax = RM56
Registration fee = RM60
Handling fee = RM50
Number plate = RM50
Ownership Endorsement fee = RM50
Insurance = RM2,110.70
On-The-Road Price with Insurance = RM99,000.00

*Prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.