March 11, 2011

Unknown (2011)

At the beginning of the movie..
Me : "He didn't even bother to tell his wife that he is going back to the airport to get his briefcase, don't you ever do that to me."
Hubby : "Only Liam can do that, I'm not."

At the end of the movie..
Hubby : "No wonder la he didn't bother to inform her"
Me : "She's not even her wife..haha"


Rose said...

Nice or not. I wanted to buy its dvd. I love Liam Neeson's movies.

lvynana said...

Nice, not an ordinary action type movie.

Coffee Girl said...

Strange... from ur short conversation, it's as if i've known half of the movie! hahaha. Best ka sik?

lvynana said...

Nice, aku mula ada blur sikit, in the end, it all make sense.