January 28, 2019

One Day in December by Josie Silver

This is the one book that I don’t want to rush to finish reading it.  It took me more than 1 week to complete it.  I felt so nervous every time I turned to a new page, I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I don’t know what I wish to happen.

The story is so tangled (in a good way).   By reading slowly, I felt like I can slow down the whole experience, so that whatever happened, no one will get hurt and no one will regret it, including me :)
Because I know, time can heal (most) wound.

I am loving the friendship with Laurie and Sarah.
The ending? Not the best, but it's the beautiful journey that leads to the ending that count.

January 23, 2019

In My Kitchen #49

Spinach with 3 eggs

Chicken + Potato + Carrot

KL Hokkien Mee

Enjoying warm rose tea on a cold night while watching Diva channel.

January 21, 2019

Ayam Penyet at Rumah Hijau

Semalam kami dinner kat Rumah Hijau.

Perbualan kami setibanya di luar kedai..
Eugene: Aaa, I know this place, they sell Ayam Berlipat or something.
Mummy: Bukan Ayam Berlipat. Ayam Penyet lah.
Daddy: Next time you make your own new recipe, Ayam Berlipat, okay.

Perbualan di dalam kedai..
Me: Brapa harga Ayam Penyet jak, iboh nasi?
Waiter: Sik kamek tauk brapa harga ya.
Hmmm tak tau, tak nak ambik tau, tak nak membantu!
Takpe lah, since Eugene dah buat lawak di luar tadi, mood mak pun masih elok, kita teruskan jer lah.

See Rumah Hijau (2015)

Another totally unrelated conversations that I heard during my breakfast at 7am this morning in a coffee shop, from two ladies at the next table..
Lady A: Ko tauk, tikus di rumah aku, bra aku digigit nya.
Lady B: Nyaman juak bra ya.
They had a really good laugh about it.
Kalau aku la dalam situasi itu, confirm menggelabah dah, luckily we have our superhero cat at home, Mr. Kitto to the rescue.

Thank you, Mr Kitto.

January 13, 2019

Seafood Batu Lintang

Lama dah tak dinner kat seafood Batu Lintang ni.
Last kami dinner di sini belum ada bumbung lagi tempat ni.
FYI, foodcourt ni sama dengan kedai Rojak Kuchei yang beroperasi waktu pagi, waktu malam di sini ada seafood and juga satay.

So, today we had our early dinner at Lintang Yuan.  By the time we reach there, around 6pm, the tables were 50% occupied. We ordered our food, and services was so fast, we finished our dinner in less than an hour.

Here’s what we ordered..

Midin Belacan

Sweet sour talapia

Fried rice and white rice.

Total bill - RM52, excluding the drinks.

January 9, 2019

SMK G or K

Never knew that choosing a secondary school can be such a headache too.

So, my son was offered to 2 different secondary schools.  We only found out about his acceptance to the 2nd school on Christmas eve, which gave us only few days before the registration to make a decision.  When asked, which school he wanted to attend?  He said whichever, that's because his best buddies will be in either one of the school as well.

We list down the main pro and con for each school, but still we cannot decide, so we just wait until the very last minute to choose.

School G
Pro : nearer, less than 10km from home.
Con : afternoon session.

School K
Pro : morning session, mom and dad’s ex school, 
Con : Far, more than 10km from home (but near to daddy’s office).

Went for the registration day to both schools to listen to the taklimat by the Pengetua.  At the end, after discussion with my son, we decided to go for the little things and also the sentimental value.

January 3, 2019

Emmett is in Primary 4

1st day of school for 2019.

Tahun ni Emmett seoramg di sekolah rendah, abang Eugene dah masuk sekolah menengah.

1st time jugak Mummy tak cuti on 1st day of school, cuti tak approve.

Dah besar dah anak-anak mak, no more drama on 1st day of school. Sob sob.