January 9, 2019

SMK G or K

Never knew that choosing a secondary school can be such a headache too.

So, my son was offered to 2 different secondary schools.  We only found out about his acceptance to the 2nd school on Christmas eve, which gave us only few days before the registration to make a decision.  When asked, which school he wanted to attend?  He said whichever, that's because his best buddies will be in either one of the school as well.

We list down the main pro and con for each school, but still we cannot decide, so we just wait until the very last minute to choose.

School G
Pro : nearer, less than 10km from home.
Con : afternoon session.

School K
Pro : morning session, mom and dad’s ex school, 
Con : Far, more than 10km from home (but near to daddy’s office).

Went for the registration day to both schools to listen to the taklimat by the Pengetua.  At the end, after discussion with my son, we decided to go for the little things and also the sentimental value.


stevevhan said...

I hope you son would enjoy his time to this new step in his life and environment!

Ez Vina said...

Ya, I hope he will :)