January 28, 2019

One Day in December by Josie Silver

This is the one book that I don’t want to rush to finish reading it.  It took me more than 1 week to complete it.  I felt so nervous every time I turned to a new page, I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I don’t know what I wish to happen.

The story is so tangled (in a good way).   By reading slowly, I felt like I can slow down the whole experience, so that whatever happened, no one will get hurt and no one will regret it, including me :)
Because I know, time can heal (most) wound.

I am loving the friendship with Laurie and Sarah.
The ending? Not the best, but it's the beautiful journey that leads to the ending that count.


Small Kucing said...

Is it something like Chic-lit? I have just finished KL Noir series. Very dark and dangerous. Now reading Hungry in Ipoh. . Very good book

Ez Vina said...

hmmm, issit a Chick-lit?
I think it's not, this is more serious type of book.
More emotional compare to Sophie Kinsella, which for me is for fun and witty.

KL Noir? Interesting, maybe will look into that next :)