August 24, 2017

Lunch at school #3

Ayam dada 2 ketul
Sayur labu 5 ketul
French fries tak sampai 10 ketui.

August 23, 2017

Emmett is 8

Just like last year, I took a day off on Emmett's birthday.

In the morning, I went to the cake house for his birthday cake, and went breakfast, alone.

Noon, after picking him from school, we went to The Spring, Eugene had extra curriculum that afternoon.
At Starbuck for his favourite ice blended.

At Big Apple Donut.

At Toys "R" Us
For dinner, we had it at Chef At Home, his request was to have dinner anywhere that serve chocolate lava, and he did enjoy the Chocolate Molten there.

Birthday Birthday my boy, Mummy loves you!

August 21, 2017

Kuching Food Festival 2017

Were there last night, on the last day of the festival for this year.

We went 1 round looking for parking, but luck was not on our side, in the end hubby had to drop me off so that I can go for a quick tapao.

In less than 30-min, where's what I got, not bad huh!

Pork ribs with cheese sauce - RM12 each, I bought 2
Thai Cold Chicken Feet Salad - RM6
Pineapple fried rice - RM5
Mango sticky rice - RM7
Chicken popcorn - RM5, bought 2
Chicken wing stuff with fried rice - RM8.50, bought 3
Pork intestines - RM10

Post my post on Kuching Food Festival 2016.

August 13, 2017

Don't laugh, collection 1

Emmett:  Mum, do you know why I hate staircase?
Mummy: No.
Emmett:  Because, they are always up to something.

Eugene: Emmett, do you know why graveyard is the most famous place on earth?
Emmett: Why?
Eugene: Because everyone is dying to go there.

August 9, 2017

Lunch at school #2

Fried chicken + sambal terung, RM5

Eugene's Sketches #1

Eugene ni jarang melukis, kalau dia melukis pun sorok-sorok, hasilnya pun tersangat la comel, perlu guna kanta pembesar untuk menghargai lukisan dia.

Emmett says he is a big fan of his brother's sketches.

So here's my 1st posting on Eugene's sketches, it's a comic btw (according to him).
Title: If we were in a zombie apocalypse

So what do we do?
Let's beat them up.
But how?

Lenny face
Stab him till dead! Stab him!
Stab him!
Back away slowly.

Ganas la jugak kan? I asked him what who is Lenny face, he said it's a meme.
hmmm.. I got a lot to catching-up to do.

August 8, 2017

In My Kitchen #41

Our home cooked dinner last night..

Long beans with eggs - Eugene cooked this.

Chicken herbal soup.
Herbal mix from Eu Yan Sang

 Fried chicken

In my shopping cart

Punyer la excited bila dapat tau yang Everrise akan mengadakan Mango Fair weekend lepas.

Sabtu, awal pagi kami dah ke Everrise BDC for mango hunt.  Alangkah kecewa bila tengok ni jer mango yang ada, marketing gimik betul.  Semua nampak macam Thailand or Fillipines mango je ni. Takda yang kemerahan langsung!

Datang nak cari mango jer pun, last-last banyak la pulak isi dalam shopping cart kite ni..

Ni jer pun dah lebih dari seratus ringgit, mane tak nyer, mango nan sebiji tu pun dah lebih sepuluh ringgit.
Ohh Malaysia Ku.

Jum layan video buah di Manila, melambak tau mango kat situ..

August 7, 2017

They just don't care

Emmett at 7 years 11 months.

Our conversation today after school.

Mummy: I am sure if you explain to your teachers, they will understand.
Emmett: But mum, they just don't care.
Mummy: So, you teachers are machines, they don't have feelings?
Emmett: Ya, they are like machines, they just have 3 mode, happy, sad, and mad.  But they are seldom happy, most of the time they are just mad, because we talk too much.


August 3, 2017

Manila Marriott Hotel

 Tempat berteduh saya selama 5 malam di Manila.
Checkin counter.

King size bed.


Lobby area.

August 2, 2017

NAIA - The Ninoy Aquino International Airport

 Kecik je pun Terminal 3 NAIA ni.
Tapi yang best nyer, arrival hall passport checkout counter sangat efficient.
Souvenir shop kat depature hall sangat berpatutan.

Yang tak best nyer, departure hall passport check counter panjang giler, for international flight memang kena datang awal, more than the usual 3 hours.

Arrival hall, sampai-sampai je kite terus beli simcard ke, kite beli simcard for data jer, tak payah call time, 300peso for 7 days usage.
 Ini checkin counter area, nak masuk dalam airport ni kena tunjuk boarding pass, so make sure print boarding pass sebelum datang airport.
Ini dalam departure hall.

Lunch at school #1

Saya selalu la jugak lunch kat sekolah anak saya.

Sementara tunggu diorang keluar dari kelas, saya pun ambil kesempatan for a quick lunch.

Tapi kan.. saya rasa harga makanan kat kantin sekolah tu sangat la tidak berpatutan kot.
Kenapa ye?  Adakah sewa kantin sekolah sangat mahal?

Waima mahal, kite telan je la, nak jimat masa kan.

Lunch saya hari ini, RM4