August 2, 2017

NAIA - The Ninoy Aquino International Airport

 Kecik je pun Terminal 3 NAIA ni.
Tapi yang best nyer, arrival hall passport checkout counter sangat efficient.
Souvenir shop kat depature hall sangat berpatutan.

Yang tak best nyer, departure hall passport check counter panjang giler, for international flight memang kena datang awal, more than the usual 3 hours.

Arrival hall, sampai-sampai je kite terus beli simcard ke, kite beli simcard for data jer, tak payah call time, 300peso for 7 days usage.
 Ini checkin counter area, nak masuk dalam airport ni kena tunjuk boarding pass, so make sure print boarding pass sebelum datang airport.
Ini dalam departure hall.


Sharon D said...

So exciting to be at an airport ..the adrenaline rush of knowing you're off on an adventure!^.^

Hearn Chloe said...

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