August 9, 2017

Eugene's Sketches #1

Eugene ni jarang melukis, kalau dia melukis pun sorok-sorok, hasilnya pun tersangat la comel, perlu guna kanta pembesar untuk menghargai lukisan dia.

Emmett says he is a big fan of his brother's sketches.

So here's my 1st posting on Eugene's sketches, it's a comic btw (according to him).
Title: If we were in a zombie apocalypse

So what do we do?
Let's beat them up.
But how?

Lenny face
Stab him till dead! Stab him!
Stab him!
Back away slowly.

Ganas la jugak kan? I asked him what who is Lenny face, he said it's a meme.
hmmm.. I got a lot to catching-up to do.


Rose World said...

My boys especially the youngest one crazy about zombie lately.

Sharon D said...

He's very good at drawing. Keep it up!