August 23, 2017

Emmett is 8

Just like last year, I took a day off on Emmett's birthday.

In the morning, I went to the cake house for his birthday cake, and went breakfast, alone.

Noon, after picking him from school, we went to The Spring, Eugene had extra curriculum that afternoon.
At Starbuck for his favourite ice blended.

At Big Apple Donut.

At Toys "R" Us
For dinner, we had it at Chef At Home, his request was to have dinner anywhere that serve chocolate lava, and he did enjoy the Chocolate Molten there.

Birthday Birthday my boy, Mummy loves you!


Rose world said...

Happy birthday to Emmett! Big boy now.

My son also turning 8, in 2 days time.

Nice nice in Chef at Home. Miss its molten cake.

Coffee Girl said...

Happy Birthday Emmet! You're 8! how time flies. Mesti mommy jobong time iyoh masih kecik2. huhu

Sharon D. said...

Happy Birthday, Emmett . You have such a sweet kid, Ez. ..cheeky smile!