August 21, 2017

Kuching Food Festival 2017

Were there last night, on the last day of the festival for this year.

We went 1 round looking for parking, but luck was not on our side, in the end hubby had to drop me off so that I can go for a quick tapao.

In less than 30-min, where's what I got, not bad huh!

Pork ribs with cheese sauce - RM12 each, I bought 2
Thai Cold Chicken Feet Salad - RM6
Pineapple fried rice - RM5
Mango sticky rice - RM7
Chicken popcorn - RM5, bought 2
Chicken wing stuff with fried rice - RM8.50, bought 3
Pork intestines - RM10

Post my post on Kuching Food Festival 2016.


Rose World said...

Missed out this year feetival.

Good that you got what you wanted. Too many stalls, I also having hard time choosing. Worry the food not good etc. Haha.

Sharon D said...

Waaa...that's a good haul. I love food festivals - would have enjoyed coming here.