December 31, 2012

Primary 1 registration

Sesi pendaftaran darjah 1 Eugene dah selesai.

Hari register terus ada test bertulis. Tujuan untuk pembahagian kelas.

Eugene nampak seronok jer, dah ada kawan baru kata nyer..

Kesian dia kena paksa bergambar di bawah matahari terik, peace tu tetap wajib.

December 28, 2012


Magenta Restaurant, Old Courthouse, Kuching.

Cosy inside..

Mushroom soup, the best in town, very creamy (more to milky taste.. but I like)

Thai Style Chicken Salad.


Dessert - Pancake with ice cream.

December 27, 2012

In my kitchen #8

Chicken stew

Chicken boxing

Soup that accommodate everyone's tastebud - tapioca leaves + meat + meat ball + serai + tempoyak + ginger

December 26, 2012

Books/Novels (2012)

  1. Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Dream a little dream
  2. Julia London - Book of scandal
  3. Mary Balogh - Slightly Sinful
  4. Sabrina Jeffries - Married to the Viscount
  5. Mary Balogh - Slightly Married
  6. Lisa Kleypas - Sandal in Summer 
  7. Mary Balogh - At Last Comes Love
  8. Victoria Alexander - What A Lady Wants 
  9. Suzanne Enoch - England's Perfect Hero (1 character with 2 names..ohh so confusing)
  10. Mary Balogh - A summer to remember (For sale)

December 25, 2012

My spending - Christmas shopping 2012

Light shop - rm290
Parkson, Spring - rm340
Ta Kiong - rm140
Everrise, 4th mile - rm31.80
Parkson, Spring - rm126.25
Unaco - rm57
Parkson, plaza merdeka - rm50
Everrise, Plaza Merdeka - rm45
Ta Kiong - rm98
Toys R Us - rm160
Brand outlet - rm38
Everrise, plaza merdeka - rm45
Cosway - rm64
Nose - rm45
Spring - rm8.45 + rm16.90
Ta Kiong - rm44.50
Jenny - rm59
HnL, Kuching sentral - rm75
Saloon - rm16 + rm45
Goh say lak - rm29.50
Parkson, merdeka plaza - rm130
Watson - rm31.10
Jenny - rm59
H&L, 3rd mile - rm75
Teck Kong - rm35
H&L, Mjc - rm85
Dogan - rm17 + rm9.60
Cold storage - rm112
Unaco - rm37 + rm47
7th Mile - rm24
My super tiny christmas tree.

December 22, 2012

December get together

December is a month of joy.
It is a month of celebration.

We had a small family get together lunch, with great food and great company, may next year be a greater year for all of us.

For this gathering, we opted to have..
Lemon chicken
Stew Pork
Butter Prawn
Salted egg crab
Sea cucumber soup
Midin belacan
Mixed veggie

December 16, 2012

December 15, 2012

Birthday Lunch

Birthday lunch at My Restaurant.

Main dish - Fried macaroni + sausages + bacon.
Drinks - Watermelon juice for Mummy and Ribena Sprite for Eugene.

December 14, 2012

Golf Tournament - Behind the scenes

Registration at 7am

Group photo, briefing & tee off at 7.45am

The gifts & prizes for lunch event at 1pm

December 11, 2012

Golf tournament

Less than a month ago, I was instructed to organize a golf tournament cum a farewell event for somebody that is quite important to our organization.

I have zero knowledge in golf, but what the heck, life is a learning process. Besides, not like I'm given a chance to refuce the task anyway.

Golf jargon that I learn along the way..
  • Flight
  • Buggy
  • Caddy
  • H'cap
  • Controller
  • Tee-off
  • Par
  • Hole
  • and many more..

The Sunday's event turns out great (well, unless according to my standard).

Here's the attendees..

 It was on yesterday's news..

I'm very thankful to my team, I know that I'm not a born leader. But we did it together our way and/or anyway.

December 10, 2012

7th Anniversary Lunch Date @ Carvery

Date : 10 Dec 2012
Venue : Carvery Restaurant @ Abell Hotel

Mana orang?!

We had..
 Garden salad + punch juice

Chicken cordon bleu - kalau cheese dia banyak lagi, lagi best.
Fries tu tak payah banyak pun takpe, tak minat, kalo serve dengan mashed potatoes lagi mantap.

December 2, 2012

JE 3rd dose for Eugene

JE datang lagi, ada satu fatality kes di Kuching melibatkan seorang budak berumur 19 tahun di Haji Baki.

Baru teringat yang Eugene belum habiskan dose dia, Emmett dah selesai dah.

Lepas breakfast on saturday, saya call B. teo clinic, diorang cakap ada stock boleh datang terus.

Lepas bersiap kami pun ke klinik. Sebelum tu kena pujuk Eugene dulu, sebab dah besar, dah tau melawan.

Nasib baik masa kena cucuk tu dia tak melawan, tapi air mata tetap keluar.

Ha.. Ni la umpan dia.. 

Dah selesai da..