December 25, 2012

My spending - Christmas shopping 2012

Light shop - rm290
Parkson, Spring - rm340
Ta Kiong - rm140
Everrise, 4th mile - rm31.80
Parkson, Spring - rm126.25
Unaco - rm57
Parkson, plaza merdeka - rm50
Everrise, Plaza Merdeka - rm45
Ta Kiong - rm98
Toys R Us - rm160
Brand outlet - rm38
Everrise, plaza merdeka - rm45
Cosway - rm64
Nose - rm45
Spring - rm8.45 + rm16.90
Ta Kiong - rm44.50
Jenny - rm59
HnL, Kuching sentral - rm75
Saloon - rm16 + rm45
Goh say lak - rm29.50
Parkson, merdeka plaza - rm130
Watson - rm31.10
Jenny - rm59
H&L, 3rd mile - rm75
Teck Kong - rm35
H&L, Mjc - rm85
Dogan - rm17 + rm9.60
Cold storage - rm112
Unaco - rm37 + rm47
7th Mile - rm24
My super tiny christmas tree.


Rose said...

Sure a lot of things to spend. I don't spend much for Xmas this year. Heheh. merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Ez Vina said...

Merry christmas to you too. I'm sure you've spent enough for your lovely home :)

Anonymous said...

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