November 30, 2010


I want a PicaBot!

PicaBot eVo2 price around RM1,388 - RM1,700.
PicaBot provides up to two-hours of cleaning and can automatically find its own way back to the self-charging Base to re-charged its battery.
It is short, only at 9cm tall, can go under beds, sofas to clean your floor.
It also has a small UV tube coated with photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide on the underside of the robot that helps to eliminate organic micro-organism like germs and dust mites on the floor.

Sound pretty good, right?
I'm seriously considering getting one.


fLo said... juak...mok juak eh...asa sakai lalu ngga menatang tok..hahaha...best2!

Coffee Girl said...

save for 2 months, sure u can get this hottie!

jen cheung said...

this looks nice!

have a great day!!
jen @

lvynana said...

flo: macam-macam jak barang nek tok ho.

Coffee girl: ya la tek, tp bulan tok mok x'mas gik, harap2 ada 0% interest ka..haha..nambang hutang jak keja.

jen: it's great :)

Anonymous said...

i have one got from lucky draw 2 actually.. sms/call me. im selling one. still in box brand new
012 5466046 ryan

KidbuxBlog said...

Good sharing, picaBot was designed and made by Metapo Inc, in the United States and upgraded by local company Corvan Technology to specifically suit Asian living, conditions where people stay bare-foot indoors and children play, crawl and sit on the floors. For detail information visit: