March 30, 2010

Electricity Bill

Ini ialah bill lektrik (Sesco) yang biasa anda (Sarawak jak) lihat.

Tapi ini ialah bill yang pertama kali saya dapat lihat..
Dibiayai Oleh Kerajaan Malaysia!
Ini ialah hasil usaha kami, setelah beberapa minggu tidak menggunakan penghawa dingin di rumah.

All thanks to the nice windy weather that we are experiencing in Kuching for the pass few months.
In fact it is raining now outside while I'm writing this post.
Best nyer sejuk² camni, hati gembira, pocket pun bergembira.


eugene said...

How come your bill is not from TNB one lah,,,,, is cool that you dont have to pay bill,,, and saving the environment as well////

lvynana said...

We dont have TNB here, we have Sesco (Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation) or their new name - Sarawak Energy Berhad.

TimmyLicious said...

i have not been paying electricity bills for 7 months already. hahahaha. all my bills are below RM20 and are sponsored by the government. yeay

fonsusz said...

wah...benarkah bill under RM20 dibiayai state gov.?

lvynana said...

TimmyLicious: Lucky uu..

fonsusz: bukan state gov, federal gov yg bayar, so..jimat²kan la lektrik kitak org sia auk.

cyrildason said...

RM15? You photoshop the bill right?

Untng dapt free electrik/

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...makes so much difference without turning on the air cond. Hope the weather stays like this ya. :)

Nobody said...

Hahah.. my house sesco has been 'dibiayai oleh kerajaan Malaysia' for close to 2 years now... below RM10 semua... hehehe. solo ma...

Anonymous said...

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