March 5, 2010

Damai Beach Resort - Chalet & Standard Balcony

Damai Beach Resort
Teluk Bandung Santubong
P.O. Box 2870,
93756 Kuching,
Tel: +6082-846999
Fax: +6082-846777


Rose said...

U like me, love to take shots of hotel bathroom and beds. hahaha!! Long time didnt go to Damai lah.

eugene said...

Wish i could be there, been to Sarawak about 17 years ago on a church mission trip,love that place, especially the people.

you have a great weekend and god bless

Anonymous said...

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Arieon said...

uinah... punya cantik tu view... macam mau pgi pun ada..

Ez Vina said...

Arieon: mmg cantik, jemput la datang :)