March 2, 2010

Emmett at 6m2w

Emmett at 6 months and 2 weeks young.

His achievement (or not) so far:
  1. Dah pandai duduk kat high chair – jenis yang kecil and plastic material or yang ada cushion; kalau yang kayu or besi tak leh, belum cukup stable lagi, nanti kepala terhantuk, sakit ooo..
  2. Dah expert guna baby walker.
  3. Had his 1st swimming lesson last weekend, he seems to enjoy it, lebih berani bergerak sendiri dalam pelampung berbanding dengan Eugene.
  4. Last week dia muntah2 + cirit2, susut sikit pipi dia yang tembam tu.
  5. Suka angkat badan dengan kaki (lutut) and tangan, buat macam aksi Simba the lion king gitu..
  6. Not really into rice porridge, maybe bubur yang mummy buat tak sedap kot.
  7. Suka baring² sambil peluk²


Coffee Girl said...

wah, kecik2 dah swimming lesson. aku bila lagi dah... cutenye!!!!! mesti grinning macam simba juak nak

Nimi said...

uuiinaa tembamnyee hehehhe

Mummy Gwen said...

He is so cute!! Wah..only 6 months old already can sit on the high chair so steadily. :)

lvynana said...

Coffee Girl: swimming lesson Mummy nya ajak yg ajar.. miahaha

Merryn said...

Kecik kecik dah swimming?? cool.. he's so cute ler.. cubit cubit sikit.. :D

Anonymous said...

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