May 18, 2015

The Library, ST3

 Located across the street from tHe Spring, The Library stirs, mixes, and pours cocktails, beers, wines, and spirits for patrons out in the town. The interior is a modern twist on libraries, as the name suggests, using neon-lit book shelves with faux book spines. 

We were here for dinner last week, we went early to avoid the crowd and the party (if there's any)
Food was great but comes with a great price too.

Turkey ham and mushroom carbonara RM26.90

Chicken popcorn RM16.90

Grilled fish aglio RM26.90

The only problem here is that at most of the tables, there were smokers occupying them.  Thus making it not that child-friendly atmosphere.

*We were seating at the comfy sofa outside at that time, coz the chairs inside are the hair bar chairs, which are not suitable for my kids.*


Rose said...

I do not like smoking eatery especially when it was allowed to do so in aircon place. Hmm. Maybe a sign of old age. Lol.

Have not gone there.

Ez Vina said...

Ops, i forgot to mention that we were setting outside, not inside in the aircon room, sorry for that, will amend my post. But the inside is a bit noisy and with high chair, so not an option for us with kids too. Too bad, food is really good thou.

Coffee Girl said...

Belum sempat 'menelaah' sitok lol. But heard the food is expensive altho nice. Belum jejak kaki di ST3 gik haiya