May 4, 2015

Xiang Xiang Seafood, Lundu

Cafe kecil ini terletak di tepi jalan tak jauh dari Pekan Lundu.

Boleh tahan juga makanan di sini..
Ikan merah masak sweet sour
Udang garam
Midin belacan

Harga - RM58 termasuk nasi goreng, 2 nasi putih dan 3 air tin.


Rose said...

I never been to this cafe. I love eating in Lundu or other suburban and urban areas as food are nicer, cheaper and bigger portion. Hope with GST, it does not affect the price and portion. ;)

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose 1st time too. I saw many cars parked there when we were on our way to Sematan the day before, so on our way back, we decided to give it a try. Which turned out to be a good choice.

Barbara Stephen said...

Boleh coba next time, selalu limpas tapi sik terpikir nak coba.

Ez Vina said...

Boleh cuba la Barb, mcm kami malas nak singgah di pasar, nak carik parking gik. Tok very convinient la.

Linda said...

Your photo collage is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sharon D said...

The food looks really yummy, Ez. Am also loving the environment! ^.^