May 25, 2015

Eugene talks about school

Conversation #1
Mummy: Do you like your school?
Eugene: It's ok. (Sounds like not so ok)
Mummy:  Why?
Eugene: The toilet.
Mummy: So, the only thing that you don't like about school is the toilet?
Eugene: Yeah, its smelly, dirty and the wall got lots of bad words written on it.
Mummy: hmmm

Conversation #2
Mummy: Who is your bestfriend in school?
Eugene:  I have 3.
Mummy: Let me guess, Dexter, Oliver and Anson.
Eugene: correct.
Mummy: What language you use to communicate with them?
Eugene: English.
Mummy: What did you guys talk about?
Eugene: Funny things.

Conversation #3 - On the last day of his test, Pendidikan Kesihatan paper.
Mummy:  So, how was your test?
Eugene: Ok.
Mummy: Any question about food? Metanol? Aseton?
Eugene: No.
Mummy: What then?
Eugene: Only question about Eugene Z.
*mmmm... Ok Mummy gets the point, I'll just shut up for now.*
Nak tangkap gambar pun payah

His is at 8 years and 9 months now, not easy to have small talk with him.  Not like his little brother, Emmet can talk about anything under the sun.  I guess kids get more 'quiet' when they get older.  Soon I'll be talking to the wall!


Coffee Girl said...

Metanol? Aseton? apa benda ya?

Ez Vina said...

Ada dlm buku Kesihatan primary 3, mun x silap aku gia la bunyi nya.. haha

Barbara Stephen said...

me too. everything extra words. kesiam mummy

willie said...

Hi mami.eugene...
Hampir sama umur our son.
I selalu beli hadiah utk my son punya cikgu.