February 4, 2014

Sushi Tokoro, CityOne

Sushi Tokoro, CityOne Mega Mall, Kuching

Our 1st time here...

Besides having those sushi from the conveyor belt, we also ordered these..

Tako Yaki - RM7.90
Not nice, rasa macam digoreng, btw where is the Katsuobushi?!

Yee Sang with salmon - from RM13.80 per person.
This is nice.. I like it, feel like going there again just for this.. yumms

Green tea (Ocha) drink is charged at RM1 per-glass, can re-fill.

You have to ask for the nitsume (sweet sauce) if you need any, it's not readily available on the table.


Rose said...

Ate there last December. The food was alright

Irene said...

Too many bad reviews from this place. I don't bother to try.

Coffee Girl said...

Havent had time to check this place but hopefully will make time (maka selalu gi GSC haha)

Ez Vina said...

Rose: yup, so-so only.

Ez Vina said...

Irene: was looking for a better sushi bargain, my children still prefer sushi king.

Ez Vina said...

Coffe girl: kami pun slalu g Gsc, tok pun mkn before nangga robocop last week. Lum pernah gik kita bertembung sia ho ;)