February 3, 2014

To you, me, and all Malaysians

Quote "To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I say this to you. Let us not allow our faith and our religious beliefs to be hijacked by groups and people such as Perkasa and ISMA who have fringe and extremist views regarding Islam in Malaysia and those of other faiths. Close your ears to the messages of fear, distrust and hate, even when they come clothed as religious rulings or come from the Friday khutbah because men are fallible and we know who writes those texts.

To my non-Muslim brothers and sisters, I ask for patience, compassion, love and acceptance. Open your doors and your hearts to us so that we may learn and know of you better. I know some of you already have. Forgive us for our harsh words and actions because sometimes we know not what we do. I sometimes fear that as humans, even your patience has limits. Don’t lose faith in us

To all Malaysians: we need to get some sanity back and to send a clear signal to our leaders, representatives and these people who claim to speak for us and on our behalf but remain silent. This arrogance is not what our individual faiths are about. Neither is it about being rigid, regressive, dominant, tyrannical nor authoritarian."

- See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/opinion/azrul-mohd-khalib/article/to-my-muslim-and-non-muslim-brothers-and-sisters

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