January 10, 2014

Bella Italia 2014

Location:  RH Plaza, BDC.
Opposite four point by Sheraton hotel, Kuching.
Tel: 082-454571

Selalu dengar tempat makan ni,  tapi belum tergerak hati nak pergi mencuba.

Lately dah kekeringan idea nak dinner kat mana, so pergi je la ke sini, lagipun memang tak jauh dari rumah.

Kami order nie...
Fettuccine Alfredo with ham, onion and cream sauce - RM25 
Sedap sangat, jauh mengalahkan Secret Recipe.
Fettuccine salmon with chunk of tomatoes and salmons- RM27
Yang ni ada masam-masam sikit.
Hawaian pizza with chicken and pineapple - RM24

Rasa menyesal ada gak pergi ke tempat ni,  sebab sekali merasa asyik nak lagi.
 In less than one week tu kami datang balik ke sini lagi.  Adoi.. Sengkek..


Rose said...

The Italian thin crust is nice. Been there few times but nothing really impress us. Maybe because of the slow service.

Ez Vina said...

I've been there a few times now, we are always early for dinner, most of the time as the 1st customer, so the waiting time is very short. By the time we left, the tables are full and ppl are waiting with boring faces.

So I guess the trick is be there early, it works for us :)

mr_abs said...

Ohh. Favourite kamek sitokk. Nyaman pizzanya. Kedei Backerei pun besttt

Ez Vina said...

Backerei pun lum cuba gik. Portico is another one on waiting list :)