January 27, 2014

My Restaurant 2014

It has been quite some time since my last meal here.

Ever since I moved to the new office, this restaurant is totally out of my reach for lunch break.

Last week, I was in that area due to some work related, I take the opportunity to have lunch here..

So, here's what we had..

Ceasar salad with bacon

Mix pork grill

Total bill RM60+

See ..

My Restaurant 2010


Rose said...

Hmm. Where is this? Doesnt click at the moment. :)

ez vina said...

Hi Rose, it's somewhere in Samajaya, near the roundabout.

I blog about this restaurant a few times d, I used to love their fried macaroni, but now they don't have it in their menu anymore, apparently I'm the only one liking it ;)


Rose said...

Oh yes. Now I remember. A bit out of the way.

Coffee Girl said...

it was just a spit away from my apartment, but still i didnt visit, always said "kelak kita gi check ah...". now dah pindah, alu sik sik. huhu. lol

ez vina said...

Rose: yup, quite far from town area.

Coffee girl: sikpa, byk glak kedey mkn dah di Kuching tok nak.