January 3, 2014

Fried rice

While having our dinner at a western restaurant...

Eugene: "Mum, you didn't order a fried rice?"
Me: "No, we are at a Western Restaurant, they don't serve fried rice here."
Eugene: "You mean they don't have fried rice in Western Country?"
Me: "No."
(Malas pulak nak explain kalo pegi kedai Chinese/Indon/Malay kat western ada la kot nasi goreng)
Eugene:  "In that case, next time when I go Western country, I'll open a restaurant that sells fried rice."
Me: "yeah, you do that." 
(Dalam hati ingatkan dia nak cakap kalau dia gi study oversea nak bawa beras banyak-banyak, rupa-rupa nyer nak gi buka kedai plak.)

*btw, fried rice is his favorite dish.


Rose said...

Hahah! Already think what he wanted to do when he grows up! :p

Clever boy!!!

I also like fried rice. Especially Malay kampung fried rice and Yong Chow fried rice

Ez Vina said...

Today he wants to be a chef, tomorrow might be a teacher or an IT man.
Always changing.