April 8, 2009

Top spot - ABC Seafood

Dinner with my colleagues at ABC seafood, Top spot, a famous seafood centre in the middle of Kuching town.
Mix seafood soupSteam kerapu fish - I prefer fried kerapu, with sweet and sour sauce or with mango..yummy.
Crab with dried chillies
Butter prawn

Menu :
1. Midin belacan
2. Mix seafood soup
3. Steam kerapu
4. Butter prawn
5. Crab with dried chillies
6. Plain rice
7. Fruits
8. Drinks

Price :
RM200 for 8 person


Sumuk said...

fuyo.. RM200/8pax is damn cheap..

lvynana said...

Not bad ho..

journey adventure said...

love to go there too. another place for seafood that i like is BENSON. at the back of Sarawak Plaza (somewhere near there)

sam said...

Very nice post. Keep it up.

i would like to share this info with others:

Unhealthiest Sea Food


Ivy Metaga said...

waaaahhh..nice food, good price..terliur I tgk huhu..kat sibu got one place here famous with crab..very nice especially with black pepper...

Rose said...

RM200 is okay, that the price of seafood at Topspot!

lvynana said...

Journey : Benson, lum pernah cuba sia gik.

Sam : Cannot eat too often.

Ivy : Sibu gik byk makanan nyaman, 'perut', char sui pou..adeh..lapar dah.

Rose : yup..consider as normal price.

Gallivanter said...

Wowee, RM200 is cheap!