April 16, 2009

Lunch Buffet at Hilton Pt.1

Hilton is having a lunch buffet promotion until 20 April 2009 at RM39++
Apa lagi kawan², cepat la ke sana.
Let's have a look at the surrounding 1st.

Nanti kita tengok apa makanan yang ada okey..

Jum tengok kite makan ape at Lunch Buffet at Hilton Pt.2


Merryn said...

Hilton Kuching eh? i ingat kat PJ.. boleh i go makan makan! :D

Willie said...

Oh really? Hmmm I wonder whether I can bring my wife there or not. She's always busy. Hehehehe

what's the RM39++? the exact price will be RM39.99? Hehehe

Ivy Metaga said...

ooo..good value lah..^^

Superman said...

I consider it a bit pricey for a lunch at this period of time.

Rose said...

Hey, where is the food??? Nice or not???

lvynana said...

Merryn : sorry to say, it's in Kch ;)

Willie : really, sila la bawa.

Ivy : ok kan?!

Superman : Consider good enough for 5 star hotel lo. Where to get cheaper than that?

Rose : stay tune ;)

One Other ... said...

oh, maklum lah dah banyak bonus hari tu kan. kenak sik pegi 4 Points ka, semadi ngabis duit. mba la aku sekali. hehe

lvynana said...

one other : bonus ya udah jd history dah..kuikui.