April 9, 2009

Diners Club - Sushi King

Card Diners Club saya baru sampai.

Dah dapat card, apa lagi, terus ke Sushi King la.
Dapat discount price lagi..yeay!
28 March 2009 - RM28++(actual) RM26++(discount)

Update 9 April 2009 - sesi lepas geram
Yesterday I went to Sushi King again, I ordered my usual fav menu, total price was RM28++.
Masa nak bayar kat counter using my Diners card, to my surprise the cashier cakap CC cuma boleh untuk purchase RM30 and above, even the manager pun cakap gitu, and asked me to take another plate so that the total is RM30+. Huh nak makan lagi?!

Ape bende nih, hari tu saya makan benda yang sama, price yang sama, tempat yang sama, boleh pula guna Diners card nih, dapat 10% discount lagi. Apsal kali ni tak boleh..aduh..betul² mcm chipsmore..kejap boleh.. kejap tak boleh.

Tak baik tau memperkotak-katikkan perasan orang.
Tipah tertipu.
No more visit to Sushi King @ Boulevard for me!


Gallivanter said...

Discount 2 ringgit saja?

lvynana said...

a'a..so easy to make my happy ho :D

Hazel said...

all this promotion is always cheated one..

lvynana said...

I learned my lesson :(

Willie said...

That's the problem with discount card. Sometimes there are terms and conditions that we do not know .Next time, bring along the discount book to them. Hahah

One Other ... said...

wah... got diners club sudah. Try pulak kat Spring, ney tauk sia dapat.

lvynana said...

Willie & One Other : agik tgh tahan tok, budget lok; kelak2 baru cuba gik ;)

Ramya M said...

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