June 16, 2017

Once Upon A Cafe, Kuching

Our new port, Once Apon A Cafe, Brighton Square, Kuching.
We enjoyed coming here, except for Emmett,  he will give execuses not to go there, tak tau la kenapa, dia cakap aircon kat situ sejuk sangat, maybe we should change our seat next time.

So far, dah 2 kali kami dinner kat sini.

We had..
Tomato kuey Teow Special - RM9.90

Nasi goreng pattaya - RM9.90
We ordered this both time we were there.

Chicken chop - RM16.90

Shishamo - RM12
Macam kurang fresh je ikan tu.

Saya paling suka Tango Mango ni, RM8.90.
The mango are so fresh and sweet.


Rose World said...

I have been there once last year. The food was alright to me. Friendly staff.

Sharon D said...

The food looks yummy ohh, Ez. I'm drooling over the tomato kuey teow most. Never seen it here...

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, i like the wall deco there.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, you must come to Sarawak to try the tomato mee then, and Sarawak laksa, and kolo mee :)

Sharon D said...

I need to throw out my excuses and just go cuti-cuti Sarawak one of these days ..for real! ^.^