June 7, 2017

Gawai 2017

Gawai, as usual we went back to kampung to celebrate with our family.

This year, Eugene and Emmett are old enough to help out with the BBQ on Gawai eve.
Seronok sidak, dah ada green light untuk dekat ngan api.

Our family photo.
Gawai Decoration at home - live plants from my mum's garden + rattan crafts.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

See Gawai 2016.


Rose World said...

Nice to go back kampung for the celebration. More festive and everyone gets together

Sharon D said...

Waa...I can imagine how excited the kids must be to get to BBQ!
Syok to balik kampung to celebrate events. Always so ceria.

Small Kucing said...

Sure the kids had loads of fun there