August 23, 2013

Emmett at 4 years old

Start schooling at the age of 4 years and 2 days old.  

Day 1: Cried out loud for few second when I left him at the nursery.
Picked him up at 1pm from the school.
He sleep quite late that night, keep on rehearsing his schedule for tomorrow.  He even requested fried chicken for his bekal tomorrow.

Day 2: Mummy woke up early to fry chicken wings.
Sent Emmett to school, he keep on reminding me to leave my number to the teachers.
Picked him up at 4.20pm, teacher said he cried a bit during afternoon nap.  

Day 3: Sent him to school at 7.30am, Mummy went to work.  Mission for the 2 days leave is consider as complished :)

Muka sedih sambil breakfast.  1st day nak ke pre-school.

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