July 3, 2014

Lepau Restaurant

Lepau Restaurant, Kuching - specialize in authentic traditional Orang Ulu and Dayak cuisine.

Nice, traditional deco.
Grilled  Stingrays (RM25) - Stingrays? Spicy.

Wrapped rice (RM2 each) - love the smell and the texture.
Manuk pansuh (RM15) is much better than the one that I cooked but far less than my sisters' version.
Midin belacan (RM15) - too much onion, I'm not an onion fan.

So far, semua lauk orang Ulu yang saya pernah rasa memang tak pedas.  Tapi kat Lepau Restaurant ni agak pedas, banyak guna bawang besar dan agak berminyak.

So its kind of a different experience for me, not really what I expected.


Sharon D said...

I want to cook manuk pansuh one day. Never made it before :)

Rose said...

I never tasted Orang Ulu's dishes myself. This place looks intrigue. Where is this??

Ez Vina said...

Must try Sharon, very easy actually.

Ez Vina said...

This place is right behind supreme Hotel.
There's another Orang Ulu restaurant near Hilton, which I have yet to try.

Rose said...

Ok. Thanks for the location.