July 24, 2014

Ramadan buffet @ Four Points by Sheraton, Kuching

My dinner last night...

On the big plate: Veggie pizza, pasta, Arab rice with lamb.
On the tiny plates: sour scallop, tasteless prawn, cheese cake and Arabic sweet cake.

Bakso and Bubur pedas

DIY air batu campur.

Those above cost RM88,  pheww luckily I am not the one paying for it!

The last time we had Ramadan buffet here was in 2010, which I paid for.
I remember they used to have more selection of food and the mussels were huge and fresh, so yummy.  And the price were cheaper too...

 Ohh those were the days when food were cheaper and tastier.


Rose said...

Used to be nice but not anymore.

Sharon D said...

I agree..buffets are so costly these days :p

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose n Sharon, yup buffets nowadays are expensive and the taste are so-so only.