July 22, 2014

Eugene at 7 years 10 months

He is not the skinny little boy anymore, his cousins used to call him 'cicak kubin' before.  He is not that choosy when it comes to food, he now can enjoy..
  • Cangkok manis with egg
  • Fried rice
  • Kolo mee
  • Kuey teow soup/fried
  • Chicken rice
  • Burger kosong
  • Canai
He also talked back at me like a teenagers in the Disney XD drama does..

Occasion 1:
(our daily conversation before end of the day)
Mummy: Have you sort out your books for tomorrow classes?
Eugene: Can I just put all my books in my beg so that I don't have to sort it out everyday?

Occasion 2:
Mummy: Eugene, you do bla bla bla after this, ok?
Eugene: Fine.


Sharon D said...

Haha... how they grow so quickly!

Merryn said...

So nice to know that Eugene is no longer a 'cicak kubing'. My Ethan is getting skinnier by the day :(